“When you’re 10…

“When you’re 10, they call you a prodigy. When you’re 15, they call you a genius. Once you hit 20, you’re just an ordinary person.”
– Haruka Nanase, Free! (Ep. 1)

I watched this show a couple weeks ago, so this quote must have really made an impact on me if I remember it even after all those weeks.

It’s true though… if you’re good at something when you’re young, people think you’re a genius. But if your skill does not continue to develop at that quick pace, you’ll slowly end up becoming an ordinary person with age… why is that? I feel like if you’re talented in something, even if you’re not the best, it’s still a talent that not everyone can achieve. Age doesn’t mean anything. It just means that you might’ve been denied the opportunity to enhance it when you were young. I say, better late than never.

I’m almost 20 now, in about a year or so, and I’m starting to feel like I’ve started becoming more ordinary too. Looking back on past pictures and videos, I used to be really smart, really musical, good at baking, etc. Or at least that’s what everyone used to say to me. Now that I’m almost 20, it’s like it’s expected of me to be good at baking, or too be great at something.

I’ve never been one to follow through with everyone’s expectations, though. They set the bar too high, it only results in disappointment. I’m going to continue learning, and improving, at my own speed – my own pace – and I am completely content with that.

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