The “Wikipedia” Game

I’ve always secretly took pride in my useless talent to search for things on the internet through Google. For some reason, this is one of the things that I never lose confidence in or give up halfway through. I am motivated until the end, and always intent on finding what I’m looking for, and I usually do find it.

Anyways, this reminded me of a game that a friend introduced to me while we were sitting in a business lecture. He called it, the Wikipedia Game. Basically what it is, is a competition to see who can reach a certain page first, starting from another completely unrelated page. So you both decide on a page to start on (like Starfish) and a page to end on (like cookies). But the catch is that you can only try to get to the last page through links on the page. That means the search bar and address bar are completely off limits. Too make it even more fun, you should also ban the use of ctrl+f.

I’ve only ever played this game once, but I do remember it being so fun. The surprise I feel when I actually do end up getting to the page, reminds me value of hard work and motivation, and it actually encourages me to believe in my own abilities a little more.

To prove that it’s not impossible, I’ll demonstrate the path I took to get from Starfish to Cookies, that cost my friend the game.

Starfish >> Fish >> “as food [fish(food)]” >> culinary >> cooking >> baking >> cookies

And voila!

I’m sure there are quicker ways, but this is just a demonstration. The pages we picked were actually a little on the easy side since starfish and cookies are not too far apart (I mean, you might even be able to end up on the cookies page by getting to animal crackers, or something like that!) so to make this game even more challenging, you could pick 2 words like worm and fridge.

I hope you’ll enjoy this game as much as I did, and it might even help you pass the time in those long, endless lectures (like it did for me, haha!)

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